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Read: 4 Exercises to Develop Body Wisdom

In an article by Tawnya Kordenbrock, she explains, complete with journal or discussion prompts, 4 exercises to develop body wisdom. Learn what your body knows, stores, and can express to you about people and situations in your life.

4 Exercises to Develop Body Wisdom

How in-tune do you feel you are with your body? Do you listen to its wisdom as it alerts you to when it’s had enough or do you keep on going? Do you hear its signals that someone is not trustworthy or do you tend to trust people no matter what? How about when you’re … Continue reading

Listen: Elvis Costello's A Brilliant Mistake

As a good reminder that wisdom is often earned through experience and mistakes, have a listen to Elvis Costello’s A Brilliant Mistake.  The next time you’re earning yourself some wisdom, you’re welcome to sing along:

It was a fine idea at the time

Now it’s a brilliant mistake

Journal: Prompts for a Wisdom Inventory

In the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom can often be undervalued and often overlooked.  Taking a moment to do a personal inventory can be helpful to bring to the surface instances and occasions in your life where you have truly learned from your mistakes and reaped the benefits of the wisdom you never planned to earn.

  1. Think of an experience you truly learned from. What happened and what were some key takeaways?
  2. As a student of your own life, how might you handle the situation differently next time?  What do you appreciate about how you handled it?
  3. How can you use that experience to nurture self-awareness?
  4. What insights could you gain from that experience by considering another’s point of view?
  5. Based on your experience, what do you find to be of higher importance?

Feel free to share your insights with a friend, or hang on to them for reflection in a year’s time.

Practice: Body Scan

Body scan, a form of mindful meditation, helps you tune-in to your body’s wisdom. This article guides you 11 steps to develop your concentration, and be more alive and energized.

Tune into Your Body’s Wisdom


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