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Activity: Assess Your Superpower

Not sure what your superpower might be?

Luckily, the Department of Incredible Things over at the Des Moines Area Community College have you covered!  Pop on over, answer a few simple questions and gain valuable insight into your superpowers and how to use them!

Take the Quiz! 

Listen: 'Invisibilia' New Episode: An Unlikely Superpower

NPR’s podcast Invisibilia is back with a new season. A Scottish woman discovers she has a biological gift that allows her to see things that will happen in the future that no one else can see.

Enjoy a 7-minute episode here. 

Listen: Beyoncé - Superpower ft. Frank Ocean

Every super hero needs a theme song.  In the event you’re still looking for yours, a little Beyoncé in the background might help until you figure it out.


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