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The Social-Emotional Learning Model

The bettertogether3 program is an evidence based SEL program focused on developing students who maintain healthy relationships, self-regulate their emotional health and show up with compassion and empathy.

It’s created by educators for educators, and since educators know their students best, we believe in empowering them to make choices amongst our tools and strategies that will help build positive, supportive relationships with their students.

The social emotional learning program consists of training, facilitation, coaching and metrics focused on four key components: district-level alignment, foundational work, staff development and fostering engaged adults and learners.

Virtual and In-Person Professional Training

We start with educators. We know that social and emotional development begins with adults. When we are better, students are better.

By participating in customized interactive and experiential trainings educators feel equipped and empowered to model and support skills and strategies that will foster healthy relationships and self-regulation in classrooms.

Our professional development sessions are built with gradual release in mind. We recommend that all school staff be part of SEL program trainings to create a building/district-wide vision, use a common language, and be models of vulnerability, courage, and emotional literacy for students every day.

A Program Designed for Ease and Relevance

The evidence based social-emotional program revolves around our grade-banded SEL Lesson cards offering critical skills and strategies aligned to CASEL standards and can be integrated seamlessly into existing classroom framework. Click here to download a free sample student SEL activity.

SEL Lesson Cards

Each lesson provides a clear, at-a-glance guide to the payoff, personalization options and impact on classroom culture. Easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions support teachers while honoring their expertise to personalize activities to focus on what’s most relevant in their classroom.

Educator Self-Care

The social and emotional development of students begins with emotionally healthy educators. Our Educator Self-Care supports them as they take on the important work of teaching the next generation. Click here to download a free sample of an Educator Self Care Card.

Educator Self-Care

Our Educator Self-Care Toolbox includes 40 strategies to be used in PLC’s, team planning or staff meetings. With a focus on the newest CASEL priority of Adult SEL, we make it easy to bring wellbeing into your professional community so that you can develop the practice of prioritizing YOU.


Unlike other SEL programs, we provide side by side integration coaching in PLC’s and classrooms, in real-time, with real students.

We know that success and agency come with supported practice and clear, kind feedback. Because we understand the difficulty of schedules and obligations, we also offer personalized and small group coaching services virtually.

Data Driven Solutions

Constant change , uncertainty, and continued pressure to deliver student outcomes can leave teachers with decision fatique. It’s no wonder educators across the country are struggling.

Our program includes a Student Pre-Assessment for students to self identify exactly how they are feeling and the areas of their social and emotional wellbeing that they most need support. We make the decision making easy for you by creating Class Reports identifying the trends, opportunities for growth and suggested lesson sequences.


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