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Read: Getting Ahead by Gaining a Fresh Perspective

In a relatable and 3 minute read, author Shona Keachie shares the beauty of friendship and the value of a fresh perspective on an existing situation. After reading the article, what friend could you call for fresh insights?  

Read the article here.  

Journal: Prompts for New Perspectives

Often, a fresh perspective brings with it new awareness.  New awareness can bring an unexpected gift of gratitude.

In this journal prompt, we invite you to think about something someone did for you recently. Something that gave you pause, in a good way.

Next, look at the situation from their perspective by thinking about what the ‘cost’ was for their action. Did they give up time, perhaps spend money, or another resource, to help you?

If you feel called to do so, reach out and thank them in person or write them a meaningful note. If that action feels uncomfortable, consider doing a pay-it-forward in their honor. A random act of kindness to a stranger can change their perspective and their day.


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