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Action: Movement

Challenge yourself to find 5 minutes a day to let your body move to music without judgement or censorship. Do you have pent up anxiety or energy? Turn on something upbeat! Need to calm down or feel connected to yourself? Try something slower – sway along if that’s all you can manage in the moment. Allow yourself to listen to your body and find out what feels good. Think of it as practice if it’s outside of your comfort zone. A simple conversation between your mind and body. If something doesn’t feel right, switch it up and try a new movement.

Watch: How Your Body Affects Your Happiness: Tal Shafir at TEDx

Dr. Tal Shafir has had a special passion for movement and dance since young age. As an adult she wanted to bring their exhilarating effects on mood and well being to other people. Thus, after graduating with her LLB degree from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and becoming a lawyer, she studied dance-movement therapy, as soon as those studies became available in Israel. While working with neurologically impaired children, the desire to design better interventions prompted her to go back to school to study neuro-physiology of motor control. Once in school, she was drawn to research and decided to continue her career in academia.


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