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The SEL Model Focus

Research confirms that models with coaching at the heart bring lasting change.


The bettertogether³ model starts with educators

We believe the successful social and emotional development of a student begins with the educators and is supported by families and the community.


The bettertogether³ model addresses the “now what?”

Often times, teachers attend workshops and trainings, come back energized about what they’ve learned, yet don’t know how to implement key learnings in a manner that is sustainable. Common barriers such as lack of time, the need for consensus and lack of ongoing support prevent lasting impact. Over time most experience a return to the status quo, no matter how valuable or potentially impactful the social and emotional learnings may have been.

BetterTogether3_Model_overcomes barriers

The bettertogether³ model overcomes barriers

Our CASEL-aligned SEL program offers a unique approach that addresses and overcomes these barriers. The skills and strategies are designed to be imbedded within the existing classroom framework and expert coaching support is woven into the entire implementation in service of educator support and success.

The Culturally Responsive Approach

A brave approach to developing schools that develop wholehearted learners by honoring their stories and experiences. Simple, relevant, flexible.

MTSS Tiered SEL support for all levels of need

We partner with you to design a tiered SEL program that meets the individual needs of your students and the structures of support that you have in place. Let us help you implement a targeted intervention for struggling students using our simple self assessment to measure their SEL growth.


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