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better educators, better students, better families and communities 

bettertogether3 is a culturally responsive SEL program focused on developing students who maintain healthy relationships, self-regulate their emotional health and show up with compassion and empathy.

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SEL consulting, coaching and solutions for whole-hearted organizations

The bettertogether3 program curriculum grew out of a belief that when educators feel equipped and brave enough to lead their students in a whole-hearted way, students will grow healthy and secure in their social and emotional selves and their lived experiences.

Our culturally responsive approaches draw from students’ identities and cultures to reshape traditional teaching and learning. We tie lessons from the curriculum to the students’ social communities to make it more contextual and relevant.

We also help educators change methods of interacting and responding to children impacted by trauma.
Our CASEL-aligned SEL program will positively impact schools and change the life trajectory of vulnerable students.

BetterTogether3_Lead with heart_SEL_Curriculum

Lead with heart

Our authentic, heart-centered leadership is people-focused and operates from a place of transparency, encouragement and inspiration. In our effort to make a difference in education and in the world, we lead both team and self in support of courage and creativity.

BetterTogether3_Empower one another_SEL_Curriculum

Empower one another

We believe in the strength of our relationships both in and outside of our business. We trust and empower one another to demonstrate the initiative and creativity necessary to achieve our goals.

BetterTogether3_Be better together image_SEL_Curriculum

Be better together

In addition to our honored differences, we believe we are better together, and we mindfully harness our collective strengths and abilities. When we each feel seen, heard and valued, we are better suited to lean into one another’s strengths. And together, we flourish.

BetterTogether3_Comprehensive CASEL-aligned SEL program

A comprehensive CASEL-aligned SEL program encompassing training, facilitation, coaching and metrics

At the heart of the bettertogether3 program curriculum are sets of grade-banded, daily, step-by-step activities and a teacher self-care box. Paired with ongoing coaching, the program is a comprehensive social-emotional learning tool offering critical skills and strategies aligned with CASEL standards.

Our Turnkey SEL Program

BetterTogether3_Professional Training_SEL program

SEL Curriculum Grounded in Research

bettertogether3 was developed with the most current research at the forefront. We are proud of the research and evidence behind our turnkey SEL program. We are especially proud of our commitment to CASEL’s newest priority of adult SEL- we put educators first!

Our Evidence-Based Practices

I appreciate that our coach  was flexible with time and read the room to see where groups were. She did not rush through content to just get through it. She was open to discussion and sharing her own experiences. I appreciated the tools given and I am not a journal person, but having a big open space to write down ideas that spoke to me worked well.

Giovanna R.


I really enjoyed the presentation techniques of being given information through discussion or video and then being provided time to work in our teams to reflect and plan. The time built in for reflection was awesome. This is really introspective work, and we need time to really think about how we see it within us personally and professionally. Our facilitator had great energy!

Mike C.


I appreciate all of the opportunities to engage in self-reflection and team conversation. The focus on action steps and commitment was helpful. The intentional alignment to the work we are already doing through our Professional Learning Communities was appreciated. Thank you!!

Alexandra P.

My students are engaged in the lessons that are provided with the BetterTogether Curriculum. They openly participate and we have had great discussions both in our in-person learning and in distance learning too. As a teacher, I have discovered the importance of implementing these effective and well-thought-out lessons in my daily schedule. I appreciate the organization of each activity, and how they can be completed in a timely manner, and still provide outstanding results. BetterTogether is making a difference not only for my students but for me as well.

Melissa H.